Buffalo Calamari, served with Bleu Cheese and celery    $ 8.75

Big Nachos    $ 10.50

Pepperoni Flatbread Pizza    $ 9.50

Mozzarella stuffed Peppadews, with garlic toast    $ 9.50

 Quesadilla    $ 8.00    With taco meat or chicken    $ 9.25

Fried Cheese Curds    $ 6.75

Hot Crab and Artichoke Dip    $ 9.50

Chicken Fingers    $ 8.00

Onion Rings     $ 6.25

Pep flat 1.jpg

Pepperoni Flatbread Pizza

Hot Crab and Artichoke Dip


8 Wings or 8 Fried Shrimp with  your choice of Mild, Medium, HOT, "911", BBQ or Spicy Mango (sauce served on the side)    $ 8.75

Celery and Bleu Cheese    $0.50 extra


(our fries are fresh cut and made to order)

Naked Fries     $ 3.75

Loaded Fries    $ 8.00

Fresh cut fries with bacon, melted Mozzarella and Ranch on the side 

Buffalo Fries with Siracha Ranch    $ 5.50

Poutine    $ 8.00  With bacon and mushrooms    $ 9.50

Fresh cut fries and cheese curds finished with rich beef gravy

Naked Pierogis     $ 6.00

Bacon and Cheddar Pierogis    $ 8.50

Jalapeno and Jack Cheese Pierogis    $ 8.50

French Onion Pierogis    $ 8.50


Bacon and Cheddar Pierogis

Poutine .jpg



New England Clam Chowder     $ 5.00

French Onion Soup     $ 6.50

 Soup of the Day     $ 4.50

Seasonal favorites available September to May


chicken caesar.jpg



Garden Salad     $ 8.75

Not Exactly a Caesar Salad      $ 8.75    With chicken   $ 10.00

We make ours with mixed greens, cucumbers,

and tomatoes, hard boiled egg, and croutons


Pennsville Salad      $ 10.00

A salad with bacon, chopped egg, tomato, apple, raisins and

bleu cheese


Picnic Salad      $ 10.00

Our Garden Salad with crispy chicken, hard boiled egg and bacon


Granny's Salad      $ 10.00

Greens with apples, mushrooms, raisins, pecans, and egg

with Sweet 'N Sour Poppy Seed dressing


Buffalo Chicken Salad      $ 10.00

Our Garden Salad with bleu cheese crumbles and spicy Buffalo-style chicken


Chicken Caesar Salad

Buffalo Chicken Salad


(add fries to any sandwich for $2.50)



     Pennsville Cheese Steak     $ 9.95

     Chicken Cheese Steak     $ 9.95

Buffalo Chicken Cheese Steak     $9.95

  Kris's Revenge     $ 9.95

Cheese steak with onions, sauce and fries (the fries are  IN the sandwich not on the "side"!) 


  Crispy Fish Tacos     $ 9.00

  Chicken Ranch Wrap     $ 8.00

Tortilla wrap filled  with grilled chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato and Ranch dressing

The Lehigh     $ 8.00

Smoked turkey, bacon , coleslaw and melted Swiss

on a Kaiser roll

The West End     $ 8.00

Hot pastrami, coleslaw, Russian dressing and melted

Swiss on Rye

Pennsville BLT     $ 8.00

Served on marble rye with American cheese

Pennsburger     $ 9.00

8 ounces of chopped sirloin topped with mushrooms, onions, bacon and cheddar cheese

Classic Burger     $ 7.75

Your choice of a beef or veggie burger on a Kaiser roll



(available at an additional charge)

American, Cheddar, Swiss, Mozzarella, Bleu, Smoked Gouda or Jack cheese

Lettuce, Onion, Green Pepper or Tomato

Grilled Bacon

Sauteed Mushrooms or Onions


Hot or Sweet Peppers


Pennsville Cheese Steak



The West End

Crispy Fish Tacos

mushroomonioncheddar burger.jpg

Gulf Shrimp Saute


served with tossed salad



Chicken or Shrimp Lisa     $18.00

Your choice of chicken or shrimp, with mushrooms and broccoli, in Cajun-Butter Sauce, served over pasta


Smoked Gouda Alfredo     $18.00

Penne pasta tossed with your choice of chicken or shrimp, broccoli and grape cherry tomatoes in rich smoked gouda sauce


Tavern Penne     $17.00

Breast of chicken, mushrooms and artichoke hearts in a creamy butter sauce, served over penne


Gulf Shrimp Saute      $18.00

Shrimp sauteed in garlic butter, lemon and parmesian

and served on a bed of pasta


Chicken Parmesian with side of spaghetti - 16.50


Chicken Parmesan


(includes tossed salad and veggies of the day)


Fajita Chicken Breast     $16.50

Breast of chicken, topped with onions, peppers and Jack Cheese  


Pan-Fried Pork Chop     $17.00

Pork chop, topped with onion strings and pork demi-glaze 


Teriyaki Tuna and Shrimp     $18.00

Grilled tuna with sauteed shrimp in Teriyaki glaze


Crab Cakes      $ 20.00

Lump crab finished with buttered Panko 


Cajun Icelandic Cod     $18.00

Icelandic cod finished with sauteed shrimp


Sauteed Scallops     $ 20.00

Sea scallops with pears and toasted almonds


Fried Seafood Combo      $17.00

Scallops, shrimp and clam strips

Garlic Bread  Full loaf     $ 5.00  Half loaf     $ 3.00


Sorry, we do not offer a choice of potatoes or veggies; we serve the Chef's selections of the day with all dinners, except where noted.

Consuming raw or undercooked meats may increase your risk of foodborne illness (we are required to provide this information to the consumer in accordance with PA Bureau of Food Safety Regulations).

Additionally, we cannot guarantee the tenderness of beef ordered medium well or well done.


Crab Cakes


Pan-Fried Pork Chop


Macaroni and Cheese


(ages 12 and under)

Fish 'n Chips     $ 8.50

Macaroni and Cheese     $ 4.50

Mac 'n  Cheese with Hot Dog Rounds     $ 5.50

Kid-Sized Spaghetti and Meatball      $ 5.50

Cheese and Salsa Quesadilla     $ 5.50

Cheese Steak Sandwich     $ 7.50

Spaghetti O's     $ 4.00  Add a Hot Dog      $ 5.50

Popcorn Chicken     $ 5.50


Spaghetti O's