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Welcome to the Pennsville Tavern & Stagecoach Stop.  As our name suggests, this building was originally a stagecoach stop for weary travelers. It was constructed sometime between 1789 and 1808, serving food and beverages to customers for over 200 years. It originally had interior window shutters which were used to defend against  local enemies.  Two  of these shutters were discovered under the wood paneling that covers the bar walls, along with newspaper twists from 1892.  These were used to plug air gaps in the walls. 


There have been "spirit" sightings over the years, but we can neither confirm or deny these reports.  What we do know for a fact, is that the spirit of our community, neighbors and friends can be found here every night.  And with over 150 craft ales, local beers on tap, a lively crowd and great food we are confident you'll love your visit to the Pennsville Tavern & Stagecoach Stop.